Brands of GenNovus

At this moment we represent and distribute brands, such as:

  1. Clear Weather Brand

    A lifestyle footwear brand independently owned and operated by brothers josh and brandon brubaker. Clear Weather features vintage inspired silhouettes with a futuristic feel, while offering excellent craftmanship at an accessible price. More info?

  2. Ethika Underwear

    Ethika is a leading underwear brand based in San Clemente, CA. Since the inception of the brand in 2001, Ethika and its team have been determined to live life, innovate, and deliver quality products, while staying true to our biggest asset – our FAMILIE. The Ethika employees, friends, athletes, artists and customers are the core of the brand and the reason we exist. Ethika is quality underwear driven by personal identity. More info?

About Us

GenNovus is a fashion company with its head office in Ede, in the center of The Netherlands. We represent and distribute international fashion, shoe and accessory brands throughout several countries in Europe.

Our aim is to introduce new fashion brands in Europe and make it grow and prosper. We manage this through our market knowledge, network and years of experience in the fashion industry. A honest and enduring partnership with both brands and retailers will be the key to success.

  • Highly skilled with over 20 years experience

  • Reliable

  • Lightning Fast

  • Passion for our brands

  • Flexible hub between our brands, sales agencies and retailers

  • Long-term outlook on the demand and development of our markets

  • Craftsmanship and Quality